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War Games - Chapter 29
Back in the warrens beneath the town for the third time, Jess, Rou, T.T., Sanya, Petra and Nicolai descended the labyrinth of the Swine to destroy the festering abomination.
“This place gives me the creeps…” Muttered Jess.
“That’s natural. It still disturbs me, even after being at that hamlet for two years.” Sanya replied.
“What about you Rou, you ever seen anything like it?” Petra asked
“No. I have heard stories from the Elders before. Some good, some… not so good.” Rou told them
“This place DOES kind of scare me.” T.T. told them.
“Verrall was killed a place like this back home.” Sanya said.
“Who’s ‘Verrall’? A Friend of yours?” Asked Petra
“Yeah. She died trying to fight the swine, and… she reminds me a lot of T.T. A crafty thief, and very good with throwing knifes.” Nicolai explained.
“That does kind of suck… can’t imagine how
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War Games - Chapter 28
No Attacks of any sort took place overnight. Dawn rose, and the citizens began to walk the streets and take care of daily work. They were cautious of any Unholy attackers, however.
The Order and their friends were waking up and eating breakfast. Some of them by themselves, others with their friends.
Everyone was getting dressed and doing their morning routines.
Isa went downstairs to see Gill and Maya eating some pieces of bread and a cookie, sitting on the stairs.
“Maya, Gill, Hello. Mind if I take a seat with you two?” Isa Asked
“Not a problem, Isa. Have a… stair.” Gill replied. He was going to say ‘seat’, but they were sitting on the stairs.
Maya rolled her eyes, but Isa chuckled. She sat next to Maya, leaving her in the middle.
“So, this ‘Darkest Dungeon’ place…” Isa began
“Hear it’s pretty rough. But I mean, seriously, half our friends are as tough as nails. We can figure something out.” Said
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War Games - Chapter 27
Dawn rose an hour and half later. Nothing had happened before dawn, so they had no worries of fending off an ambush.
Some of the group were waking up while others were still asleep. It had been a long night.
Ellegaard, Jesse, Lukas, Nicolai, Alexsi, Gabriel, Harper, Soren and Emerald were awake at the crack of dawn while everyone else was still asleep. The nine of them were gathered around a table at one of the corners of the large room, discussing a plan to take back the order’s fortress.
Kate and Axel slowly opened their eyes. After checking their surroundings, they saw their friends gathered at the table.
“Huh? Kate?” Asked Axel, looking around more.
Kate sat up and put on her glasses, looking over to where everyone was gathered, she rose to her feet.
“I guess they’re thinking about a way to get the fortress back without getting slaughtered by Ghouls.” She said
Some more people began to stir.
Axel got up and walked over to the table where the disc
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War Games - Chapter 26
No one dared make a sound. Ghouls did not relent on pounding the door, but, thankfully, they couldn’t breach it.
“What are we supposed to do?” Asked Ellegaard.
“Well, Going out to fight them would be a bad idea… half of us don’t even have armor.” Said Maya
“Will they go away at dawn?” Asked Soren
“They don’t like the light, but it doesn’t kill them.” Said Rou
“They ARE much weaker in the daylight, but i don't think that will help. We’re in a building. The sun can’t reach in here.” Nicolai added
“We best look for another way out.” Gabriel said. “But if that was the only door… does anyone have a pickaxe?”
“I got one. Should I dig out the ceiling?” Asked Lukas
“Don’t let it cave in and crush us.” Said Kye.
“But how are you gonna get up there?” Asked Sanya
“Try this.” Keyen said, handing him a rope
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War Games - Chapter 25
Dawn rose over the sea of the Eldritch world. Petra, Lukas, Axel and Jesse were sleeping calmly underneath the deck of the ship they took with the Nomadic army, as if the tide’s waves gently rocked and cradled them to sleep.
Axel’s eyes slowly opened. There were Eldritch people walking about the ship, but, thankfully, they did not disturb Axel or his friends in their much-needed slumber. Looking over to his left, he noticed Jesse, Lukas, and Petra sleeping peacefully and silently.
Jesse still had a bandage over one of her arms, where a Corrupt, Mutant Jellyfish dug it’s tendrils deep into the flesh of her arm, causing her to bleed profusely.
Petra took a slash from the Scythe of a Wraith they encountered before reaching the Nomadic Stronghold. She appears to not be in pain, but Axel couldn’t help but worry.
Lukas had his fair share of injury before, but as of right now, He was in good condition.
Physically, anyway.
Axel Decided not to disturb his friend’s
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War Games - Chapter 24
Having gathered the weapons and potions needed for the fight, T.T. Led Ivor, Alexsi and Gabriel to the caverns underneath the town.
“Looks like some sort of underground tunnel system…” Ivor said, looking around the place.
“Oxidai built this?” Asked T.T.
“I looks too old for it to be built by him…” Said Alexsi.
“Didn’t Aiden and his friends say they built a bunker underground?” Asked Gabriel.
“... Gill and Maya said so, but… they never said anything about a place like this.” T.T. pointed out.
“It’s dark and unclean. We’re only here to kill the monster, not catch The Plague. The Sooner the Better.” Ivor grumbled.
They walked down a hallway. No monsters or items to be seen. Just a wooden door.
T.T. opened it. Nothing inside other than a pile of bones.
Gabriel rummaged the remains.
“Nothing of interest here.” He told his friends.
They found another door.
“You sure t
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War Games - Chapter 23
“Solaire… Things are looking scary… Humans are on their way across these hills to kill us…” Said a man’s voice.
“Calm down, Vernon. The Humans will be slow to make their way across the hills. We have cities to destroy and defenses to build.” Solaire told him.
“We better think of something fast! The Humans will come, and if we can’t come up with a plan, it’s back to the mines and fields for us.” Vernon Told Solaire.
“We’ve beaten the Demons from the lands. And many events and people have come to us. Some good, some bad. But good or bad, we’re building our homes on this world, Stashan. We’ll either Build Houses, or Dig Graves.” Solaire proclaimed.
“Yes, We’ll look for a way.” Vernon said.
Solaire turned to his right.
“Get Thannos. I need his Wisdom.” Solaire ordered.
Thannos looked out on a lake, glowing with an eldritch power.
“The Mystic pond here is
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War Games - Chapter 22
Meanwhile… Back The Order’s Fortress…
It was late at night. Emerald and Soren assigned their Iron golems to patrol the town, and Magnus was currently on watch for anything the Golems may overlook.
Olivia sat in her room, on her desk, alone.
She had one lamp on, giving the room a calm illumination. A knock came from the other side of the door.
“Can I Come In?” Male Jesse Asked
“Yeah.” Olivia said.
Jesse walked in and sat down on Olivia’s bed.
A brief silence filled the room. Roughly 15 seconds.
“Olivia… I’m worried about my sister…” Jesse said worryingly.
“You think spreading the group thin is a bad idea?” Olivia asked him.
“Yeah… Well… I mean… you could’ve gone with them. I may be a little beaten up, but…” Jesse began.
“I Do appreciate you staying with us, but... “ Jesse stammered.
“... Yeah, I… You got stuck in a world overrun by h
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War Games - Chapter 21
Lukas, Axel, Petra and Jesse awoke from their slumber. Their rest was without any Abhorrent Dreams, or nighttime ambushes, either.
The Sun Rose over The Land of Ranaar, but did not shine brightly.
Petra woke up with a groan.
“Uggghhh…. Getting up early can be a drag but… there’s work to be done.” She Groaned Again.
The Others woke up not long after that.
Jesse, Petra, Axel and Lukas Stepped outside.
“Ah, Good morning, you four.” Rou greeted them.
“Morning Rou.” Jesse said back.
Rou was sitting at a small bonfire not far from the Order’s Shack.
“What are you up to?” Asked Lukas
“I was cooking some breakfast. Any of you want some?” She offered.
“I Suppose. Whatcha cooking?” Asked Axel
“Some Demon Flesh.”
“You sure that’s-” Petra tried to ask.
“If you know the proper cooking method, Demon flesh is perfectly edible.” Rou explained.
“Still, Kinda Cr
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War Games - Chapter 20
Lukas and Jesse Stepped into a Light Blue Portal, bringing them to the unknown.
The Duo landed on some grass, but not before Jesse landed directly on Lukas, causing her to yelp in slight pain as she fell on her friend.
“Ah!” Yelped Lukas.
“S-Sorry!” Said Jesse as she rose to her feet and then helped Lukas stand.
Lukas looked around. So Did Jesse.
Lots of Tall, Thin Trees. Grey Skies, shrouded by clouds.
Hills. Very Little Flat Land. No Houses or Living Beings (unless you count some bushes and trees) in the area.
“See anything?” Asked Lukas
“Nothing that looks threatening… or helpful.” Jesse stated.
“Wait, you see that?” Asked Lukas
Jesse turned her head to where Lukas was pointing his finger. It looks like some sort of broken stone tower.
They would have to cross a river and climb the cliff face to reach it, but they think they can manage.
Lukas dipped his foot into the water.
“... Ordinary Water… I Think.
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War Games - Chapter 19
Kate stepped beyond the universal threshold, following Maya back into the World of the Order of the Stone.
“Kate! Ivor! You’re back.” Said Soren.
“Hey guys.” Greeted Kate.
“Geez Kate… What happened? You look like you got stuck in a trash compactor.” Asked Sanya
Ivor, Kate, T.T, Gill, Maya, Harper, Kye and Stark said nothing
“Stark?” Asked Vulcan
“... What? What’s wrong?” Asked Sanya.
T.T. presented Nethra’s Dead body.
“Good Heavens!” Gasped Alexsi.
Sanya eyed the corpse.
“That’s Nethra alright… What A Damn Shame… What happened?” She Asked.
“She Took us to the ruins when we got lost in your guy’s world, But… One of Oxidai’s damn Necromancers Killed Her…” Kate muttered.
The Rest of the group who had holed themselves up in the town came by.
“Nice to see you all again.” Greeted Magnus
“Same Here.” Said Kate
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Back in the warrens beneath the town for the third time, Jess, Rou, T.T., Sanya, Petra and Nicolai descended the labyrinth of the Swine to destroy the festering abomination.

“This place gives me the creeps…” Muttered Jess.

“That’s natural. It still disturbs me, even after being at that hamlet for two years.” Sanya replied.

“What about you Rou, you ever seen anything like it?” Petra asked

“No. I have heard stories from the Elders before. Some good, some… not so good.” Rou told them

“This place DOES kind of scare me.” T.T. told them.

“Verrall was killed a place like this back home.” Sanya said.

“Who’s ‘Verrall’? A Friend of yours?” Asked Petra

“Yeah. She died trying to fight the swine, and… she reminds me a lot of T.T. A crafty thief, and very good with throwing knifes.” Nicolai explained.

“That does kind of suck… can’t imagine how’d I’d feel in your guy’s place.” Said Jess

“I’m okay. Our Dead companions are actually a happy memory.” Said Nicolai.

“Really…?” Asked T.T.

“Yeah. We’re not terribly sad about it. Just regular sad.” Nicolai replied.

“I does kinda suck, but we have other things to focus on.” Said Sanya

“She’s got a point.” Rou added.

That’s when three swine approached them menacingly. Everyone got ready for a fight.

One of them was a very large beast, holding a meat cleaver in one hand and a ball & chain in the other.

The Second had a wooden shield in one hand and a meathook in the other. The Third had no weapons, just a small, demonic pig on all fours.

“Now these are some pigs I’m happy to kill.” Jess said, pointing her sword.

The Gorer used it’s hook to slash at Petra, making a large scratch through her armor. Petra herself was unharmed, and parried the Gorer with a stab to the chest, making it stumble and fall. Another slash to the chest killed the putrid beast.

The Larger swine took a Hit from Nicolai, the strong luminite blade making him stumble backwards. The beast returned a strike with a meat clever, hitting his arm. The Armor he wore was very strong, stopping him from bleeding, but still hurting him.

Rou drew back a bow and shot the swine with a normal wooden arrow, making it stumble backwards, injured even more. Jess killed it with one more strike from her diamond blade.

Sanya was focusing the smaller Swine Spawn, as she dodged when the foul creature tried to vomit on her, in an effort to make her contract some form of disease. Getting stabbed with a matchee, the Wretch fell on it’s back. She stabbed it again to ensure it’s death.

“Ugh…” Petra groaned, disgusted.

“Let’s just keep moving, I’m disgusted as you are.” T.T. pointed out.

They all followed T.T., leading them to where she previously fought the monster.

“This is the third time I’ve come down here, and it still creeps the hell out of me.” T.T. muttered, loud enough to be heard.

“How much farther is it, T.T.? I’d prefer not to linger in the Swine’s putrid maze.” Rou said.

“It should be just ahead. Try to be careful here, this thing is just… messed up.” T.T. warned them.

They walked a ways more without encountering any more swine, but now, they feared it was a much more deadly and grotesque opponent.  

Entering the same room as Before, they saw the same putrid, malformed monster.

“Holy Hell, and I thought the Witherstorm Scary, I mean,Look at that thing! Ugh!” Jess pointed out

Fueled by her hatred for corruption, Petra wasted no time attacking. They all noticed the beast was still wounded from their friend’s previous attack, and that would make the fight easier.

The Enchanted Golden Blade burrowed deep into the Fleshy mass with the strike from Petra. It let out a terrible squealing sound. The Warrior got two more slashes off before a venomous tentacle lashed out and bit her. She pried herself free and stumbled backwards.

T.T. held an Iron Sword with a sharpness enchantment towards the beast. Rou shot an arrow at one of the beast’s many putrid pig heads.

Nicolai and Jesse were trying to attack another, larger head. The Vile Maw managed to get a grip of Jesse, causing her to bleed, despite her armor. He quickly pulled her arm loose.

An Idea formed in her mind as it’s gigantic maw tried to devour Nicolai.

“T.T.! I Got an idea! Try to throw some TNT in it’s mouth!” Jesse shouted.

She slashed the head again, trying to distract it. T.T. got some TNT ready and eyed the beast.

The head opened it’s mouth wide in an effort to eat Jesse.

“Don’t light it! It’ll eat it, and then I can throw a Molotov in there, blowing him to bits!” Sanya shouted, holding a beer bottle with a burning fuse.

T.T. chucked it into the massive, bloody Maw. it held it between it’s teeth and soon swallowed.

When Sanya saw an opening, she threw the molotov inside it’s mouth, lighting the inside of it on fire. A matter of seconds later, a part of the beast exploded.  Two of the Giant Heads were greatly wounded from the internal blast, and went limp, allowing T.T., Nicolai, Petra and Jesse to attack.

Two more of the Formless Flesh’s heads were sliced to bits, leaving only one left.  The Flash would be weaker without it’s primary weapon, giving the six of them a huge advantage if they could destroy it.

Nicolai got slammed by a massive, towering spine slammed down on him. He was knocked on his side and slid on the floor, but immediately got back up. When one of the grotesque tentacles tried to get a hold of him, he slid out of the way.

He dodged another swipe from the flesh, but was knocked off his feet again by the next attack.

Rou was focusing on trying to destroy the flesh itself rather than a head. Her bow and arrows were only made from wood, but firing arrow after arrow, it had taken a hefty amount of damage from Rou’s repeated shots.

Petra was trying give T.T. an opening so she could blow up another head. She slashed the head from several different angles, while dodging chomps from the head she was trying to destroy.

It managed to get a grip of her legs, and it yanked her into the air. She stabbed it in the forehead, making it drop her, giving her a chance to scoot away from being eaten.

Her legs were bleeding from where the Flesh grabbed her. Rou sat next to her and tended to her wound a safe distance from the flesh.

Jesse was almost bitten, but jumped backwards and out of the way of the bloody maw. T.T. saw her chance and threw more TNT into the mouth on the last head.

Sanya needed to focus on lighting the TNT with a molotov. Jesse tried her best to keep it busy to give The Demon huntress an opening. Jesse was thrown backwards, landing on her back. The head slammed into her chest as hard as it could. She got back up, but the Heroine believes that the slam broke one or more of her ribs, the thought being from immense pain on her chest.

Sanya found an opening when the massive Maw stretched out and tried to reach Jesse. Chucking the Molotov inside, it lit the mouth of the beast on fire, as well as the TNT

The Head exploded into a million bits. Jesse was within the blast range, however. She wasn’t hurt, but covered in blood by the explosion.

With no offensive minded heads left, The Flesh had to resort to it’s malformed Spines and Tentacles for attacking. 3 of them lashed out at T.T., the first two being dodged, but the third getting a grip on her chest.

The poisonous teeth at the end dug into her armor, and then the skin of her chest. She yelped in pain as the tentacle tried to pull T.T. closer, but she drew an Iron Sword and sliced the end off her, freeing herself.

She fell over backwards, with a small amount of corrupt poison now running into her veins and assaulting her nerves with light pain.

T.T. tried to stand up, but stumbled back down the ground. Rou grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her a distance away from The Formless Flesh.

“Oww…” Groaned T.T. softy. With only one bite on her chest, and a small blight inflicted on her, she was only in slight pain.

Petra’s leg was bleeding, but Rou’s exotic powders had ebbed her pain and stopped her bleeding. She was now focused on tending to T.T.

Although Petra struggled to walk, she picked up her sword and rejoined the fight. The Flesh was taking heavy damage from Rou’s Arrows, Jesse’s Diamond Blade, Nicolai’s sword, Daybreak, and T.T.’s Iron blade, along with TNT she brought. The Flesh was dying. When it wasn’t attacking one of them, the others would be tearing it apart.

Jesse and Nicolai each got smacked by the massive spine, making them lose their balance, but the Flesh could not withstand such a beating

Squealing and snarling noises echoed in the room, and a pool of blood ran outwards from the flesh until the snarling squealing stopped.

The Formless Flesh has been defeated.

“It’s Destruction is a small consolation, given the implication of it’s terrible existence.” Nicolai said.

“Ugh… I’m all covered in it now… gross…” Jesse said, looking at how she was drenched in blood.

“The thing is as Grotesque in Death as it was in life…” Rou said, disgusted.

“Well, we did it. The others will be happy to hear that… whatever that thing was is no more.” Said Petra

“Agreed. Let’s get out of here, this place is just so disturbing.” Said T.T.

The Order, alongside the Eldritch warriors, were Victorious.

Meanwhile… in Crown Mesa…

Harper, Stark, Ivor and Aiden ran as fast as they could through the portal network, ending up in Crown Mesa. Looking around, things were still peaceful.

“Oh… for a second I thought…” Harper gasped. “Glad everyone’s still alive.”

People went about daily business. The Four of them got an occasional “Hello” from the citizens.

Harper lead Aiden, Stark and Ivor out into a vast desert, in which Ivor was familiar, as he, Jess, and Harper ran from PAMA’s forces, along with Lukas and Petra under it’s control.

There was still a gaping hole from their first visit. The Four of them quickly jumped down.

Climbing out of the water, the pathway ahead was a long tunnel, lit with sea lanterns.

“This is your lab?” Aiden asked

“The pathway to it, anyway.” Harper said

“Underground Tunnel Network, Just like the Council of Warlords use. I like it.” Stark said.

“Council of Warlords?” Asked Harper

“The International Military me and my friends work for.” Stark explained

“Really? Intriguing. I may need to look into the Eldritch military.” Ivor said.

“Wise Choice. Adventures, Soldiers, Men, Women, All kinds of people like you and your friends. You see, in our world, We have a level of devotion to war. Nobody is forced to fight, but everyone is required one full year of military training. Not everyone is strong in the Eldritch world, But Everyone knows basic self-defense.” Stark said.

“Wow… That’s actually really cool! Other than the fact that certain places are a living hell because of Corruption, I’d like to visit your world sometime.” Aiden said.

“Even though Stark could be considered a serial killer in a way, The Eldritch world seems very interesting.” Harper said.

“I’m not some crazed gunman, Harper, I’m an Assassin. One’s a job, the other’s mental sickness.” Stark pointed out

“True…” Said Aiden

The Four of them were nearly to the Lab’s entrance.

“Well, still an intriguing lab you have here, Harper.” Ivor complemented her.

Harper smiled at him until Stark spoke up

“Uhhh…. Harper… please tell me you spilled a massive container of grape juice and never bothered to clean it up…” He said, nervously

“Oh, Hell…” Muttered Aiden, looking at a puddle of corruption on the middle of the floor

Harper nealt down in front of it and closely examined it. Until she felt a drop of strange liquid on her hood, making her look up

“WOAH!” Harper yelped, stumbling backwards and scooting away.

Everyone looked at the ceiling to see some kind of purple, shell-like object latched to the ceiling. It had vein-like structures roping out across Harper’s lab, and were even on the Walls.

“Hang on, I think I remember what this was…” Stark said.

[In the Eldritch world, One year ago…]

Stark was at the bar with a mug in his hand. It had been a long day, he wanted a stiff drink to help him de-stress, but he was careful not to drink too much. He didn’t want to overdo it.

The Door opened and two more people stepped inside. They were usually here getting a drink with Stark, and he knew exactly who came.

“Hey Vaux. Hey Verrall.” Stark greeted them.

The two of them sat down and got some drinks.

“Damn… Well, Heard things with Ide didn’t go well. He barely escaped.” Verrall told him.

“Seriously, If we can’t find a way to at least weaken the corruption then… we’re f***ed, basically.” Vaux told them.

“Yeah. Let’s crack a couple cold ones.” Stark said.

They clinked their mugs together and started drinking.

“So what’s going on in the abbey?” Asked Stark

“Vane and Nethra are ranting to Sanya and Dougal again about all that knightly stuff.” Said Vaux.

“I mean, I know that they’re our friends, but, seriously, do they ever shut up?” Asked Verrall.

“We don’t need constant lectures about honor.” Grumbled Vaux

“Those guys are kind of overzealous, but still good intentioned, i suppose. We’re all on the same side here.” Stark reasoned.

“True. This time they were ranting about some kind of demon spawner. Apparently Necromancers and Demon Lords can put them wherever the hell they feel like it to spawn and spread corruption.” Said Vaux

“Can’t they tell us on a mission or something?” Groaned Stark.

[Back in the present..]

“Now I remember… My friends told me this was a corrupt spawner!” Stark told Aiden, Harper and Ivor.

“Let’s destroy it before it calls in unholy troops!” Aiden said, drawing a sword.

Harper drew back an arrow of harming on her bow while Stark aimed his crossbow. They both fired at the spawner, making it shake violently.

Aiden and Ivor had swords ready. The Spawner Shot a blast of corruption in Aiden’s general direction, but was nowhere near hitting him.

For a moment Aiden thought the blast was merely off mark. The Corruption morphed into a large skeleton with a sword, and it charged for him.

Aiden blocked the attack with his diamond sword, and rolled out of the way of a second strike. Ivor hit it with his own Iron sword, but he was quickly kicked to the ground by the skeleton.

Harper and Stark kept shooting the spawner with as many arrows as they could muster. It now looking like a corrupt pincushion, but it called in a Swine, holding a spear.

“Oh, Crap! A Swine Skiver!” Said Stark, backing up and pointing his crossbow at the pig-beast.

The Skiver threw several spears high in the air, raining on Stark, Ivor, and and Harper. Each of them was hit with at least one.

There must have been some poison on the spears. Harper, Ivor, and Stark could feel some extra pain.

Aiden cut the Skeleton’s rib cage in half, making it collapse. The combat rolled towards the Swine Skiver and slashed it in the chest, making it snarl.

Harper drew back another arrow and shot the spawner again. Corruption began to leak everywhere like blood. Stark shot the top, and the spawner exploded, corruption flying everywhere.

Aiden, Ivor, Stark and Harper were all hit and groaned in pain. It stung, but they weren’t hurt that much.

The Skiver was still alive. It threw a spear and knocked Aiden off his feet. He pulled the spear out of his bleeding chest and threw it right back the Swine Skiver. The corrupt pig was now brutality wounded. Ivor threw a splash potion of harming, shattering the potion on the back of it’s head.

The Swine Skiver fell on the floor. For good measure, Aiden ran his Enchanted Diamond Sword into it’s neck to make sure it stayed down.

“So… a Spawner?” Asked Harper.

“Good thing we destroyed it…” Said Aiden. He sounded worried as he spoke.

“Guess that means corruption’s blight won’t spread here. But what about other worlds?” Asked Ivor

“We better get back to town and tell them what’s going on. There may be more spawners in worlds Isa and Jesse are from.” Said Harper.

“Agreed. Let’s gather everything from your lab and get on the move.” Said Stark.

Meanwhile… in the Eldritch World...

Keyen, Maya, Magnus, Gabriel, Kate, Alexsi, Vulcan And Emerald found their way to the long forgotten entrance leading to the Abyss.

“Looks really morbid, given the architecture.” Said Gabriel.

“Well, When Olivia told me the story of PAMA, she said Jesse found the Computer’s core, and it broke the control the computer had over everyone, including Lukas at the time.” Said Alexsi.

“Wait, Which Jesse?” Asked Kate

“Female, from what I heard.” Said Maya

“I kinda hate how their names are the same. ‘Male Jesse’ or ‘Female Jesse’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.” Vulcan pointed out.

“He’s got a point.  Guess it may be better to call Female Jesse ‘Jess’ or ‘Jessica’. I doubt she’d mind too much.” Said Emerald

“Guys, Can we focus more on the situation? Y’know, like… entering a pit that could possibly lead to Hell itself?” Said Keyen.

“Right. Sorry.” Said Magnus

A large, Black gate was directly at the end of their path. Kate had recognized it from her first time with Ivor.

They opened the gates, revealing a narrow, dark hallway. Nobody could see the end.

The Eight of them cautiously walked forward. It was a Dark hallway built out of some dark Material. Obsidian? Bedrock? Some Unholy Rock they were unaware of?

“Nice and Easy…” Alexsi said

They Walked Cautiously Across the Floor. They were expecting some kind of corrupt trap of sorts.

That’s when they saw Two Rapturous Cultists blocking their path.

Emerald wasted no time, drawing back her enchanted bow and driving an arrow into the fiend’s chest. It stumbled backwards, wounded.

The Other Cultist summoned a skeleton with a small wooden club in front of it, beginning to talk forward to them. Maya cut the Skeleton in half with one slice before it could swing at everyone.

The Cultist Emerald shot suddenly bit itself in the arm. A part of it’s wound healed as a result.

Kate formed a blast of fire in her hand and tossed it directly at the wounded Cultist. The Fiend fell on it’s back, on fire, and unable to get up.

Keyen chopped at the second with his axe, nearly killing it. Vulcan stabbed it with a knife, finishing it off.

“Alright, did those seem at all tougher to you?” Asked Vulcan.

“Maybe. I’d prefer not to find out.” Said Gabriel.

They kept walking in the same, straight, narrow hallway.

“How long is this thing? Is the entire dungeon just a straight line?” Asked Magnus.

“Hopefully not…” Maya muttered.

They kept walking for another 20 seconds.

“Finally. Is that supposed to be a door?” Asked Kate

There was a sicular gap in the wall, covered with long, sharp spikes, pointing inward within the circle.

That’s when a Cultist Priest stood in their pathway. Before anyone could react, a large, long tongue with spikes on the end of it lashed out from it’s robe and hit Maya and Gabriel. They weren’t hurt too badly, but it did hit them both.

It let out a demonic sounding groan of pain when Magnus struck it with an enchanted Iron Sword.

Keyen hit it with his axe and shoved it backwards.

The Cultist’s robe opened again, but this time, it shot out a long, sharp-ended spine from it’s chest like a spear. Emerald got hit, but she had armor on. The wound didn’t hurt very badly, but she began to bleed.

Kate used a vertical hit from above, hitting the Cultist again. It fell over backwards, and Gabriel stabbed it dead with a diamond sword.

Emerald applied a bandage to her bleeding wound.

“I see nothing coming behind us.” Said Magnus, looking back at the hallway.

Vulcan approached the door. When he got close enough, The spikes drew backward, opening the way within the circular stone hole, much like the function of a door.

“... As Much as I despise Corruption, that’s a pretty cool door.” Magnus pointed.

They all stepped inside. It was a very large room. There was a large circular pool in the center of the room, but with blood instead of water.

“Ugh…” Muttered Maya.

They all drew their weapons when they saw Two Cultist Brawlers approaching them.

Magnus threw some TNT in front of them. The Blast knocked them both back.  

Kate drew her Sword, Starlight, and charged down the first Cultist, who had just gotten up from Magnus’s attack.

But this was no ordinary Cultist Brawler, with a single swing, the Cultist easily tore a hole through Kate’s Flesh with a single strike. She wasn’t as badly as a sword would hurt her, but she started to bleed. Very Badly.

Kate stumbled backwards, holding a hand over her wound, a waterfall of blood ran down her chest, her legs, and onto the floor. Her Sword as Well as her glasses clattered onto the floor. These were powerful cultists. The dreamer of peace was on her knees from just one hit.

Gabriel killed the Cultist that just turned Kate into a bleeding mess with a stab to the neck.

Maya took a scratch from the other Cultist. It hurt her arm, but she didn’t bleed as much as Kate did. Using Nethra’s Sword, she cut off the Brawler’s Left arm. Keyen Sucker Punched the wounded Cultist, and Magnus was able to stab it dead.

“Owww…” Groaned Kate.

Alexsi helped her stand and and gave her a battlefield medicine. Kate, after quickly drinking it down, felt a little better. A part of her health was restored, and her bleeding began to ebb.

Kate struggled to walk, even with Alexsi’s help, but she was still willing to press on.

“You sure you don’t need a Healing potion?” Asked Magnus

“My wound will heal… because of the Elixir. Just help me walk, I’ll be fine.” Kate said, picking up her glasses and putting them on, as well as picking up her sword.

“Why do you wear glasses? Wouldn’t contacts make more sense?” Asked Vulcan

“I prefer to look smart. I’m actually a proud nerd.” Said Kate.

“Well, would it make more sense to have contacts in a fight, so your vision isn’t thrown off if your glasses fall?” Alexsi asked.

“Oh… I guess I never thought of that. I may consider that in the future, that’s actually a good idea, Alex.” Kate replied

“There are two doors here.” Said Emerald, looking to the left, and then the right. There were large stone doors on either end of the room.

“Uhhh… Left?” Asked Magnus

“Any objection to that?” Asked Maya

No one said anything. They Went into the left door.

A short hallway and a Left turn later, they found another door, but the way was blocked by a Single Ghoul. It howled loudly as it saw the eight Dungeoneers.

Keyen tried to hit the Ghoul with his Axe, but the beast managed to dodge. Raking Keyen with it’s claws, Keyen fell to the ground, blue blood oozing out of his black armor. He rolled backwards and got on his feet.

The Ghoul tossed a Skull, hitting Magnus in the chest and making him stumble back. The Griefer did not bleed nor fall over, but unquestionably hurt.

Vulcan buried an arrow into the Ghoul’s chest with his crossbow. Thanks to Ivor, he had poisoned arrows on hand.

Alexsi threw a Blighted Satchel at the Ghoul, increasing the amount of poison eating away the creature.

Keyen threw a flashbang, stunning it. Gabriel chopped at it’s leg, making it stumble down. With everyone attacking with swords, and the amount of poison in the Ghoul, it eventually hissed and died.

“I don’t like this…” Said Vulcan

“Same here… I’m getting kind of scared.” Kate added

They entered the next room. It was very undetailed. Dark, and flat with black walls of an unknown material.

They turned to see four corrupt slimes. They bounced forward towards the group, thirsty for blood.

Emerald slashed at one, knocking it backward, but not killing it. She kicked it across the room like a soccer ball, but it got right back up and bounced toward them again.

Kate threw a ball of fire at one of the slimes. It ignited, and quickly burned to death.

Vulcan pulled out a knife and stabbed the Slime Emerald had wounded, killing it.

Gabriel Stabbed the third as hard he could, easily killing it.

Alexsi had his own, large, surgical knife with him. He stabbed the final slime as hard as he could, hurting it, but not killing it.

Maya crushed it beneath her boot. All four were now  reduced to small purple stains.

She Suddenly felt something hit her from behind. Maya fell on her front side as a Demon with armor and a large club smacked her in the back, knocking her over.

Kate, using her power, shot a lightning bolt at the Demon, but it managed to duck underneath the electric blast.

Keyen blocked it’s swing with his Axe, and the two of them clashed. This gave Gabriel a chance to stab him directly in the back, making the Demon fall over on it’s side. Kate shot a wave of fire, burning it.

“They’re coming from behind us too? Uh oh…” Said Maya

“Better move. Fast.” Said Vulcan

The Eight of them kept going down the hallway, until they were met with another room.

This was much more morbid. There were three large statues of skulls used as fountains, with blood pouring from their mouths. This was very disturbing.

To make a bad situation worse, there was a Cultist Priest, A Corrupt Blaze hovering in the air, A skeleton with a large shield, A Demon with a large spear, A large spider, and a large snail with spikes on it’s shell.

Kate smashed the Snail’s shell with her sword as hard as she could. But even a blade as powerful as starlight could not cut through the Shell. It slithered towards her, but she struck it again. Slashing another four more times, the shell broke into a million pieces and killed the corrupt creature.

Gabriel was nearly caught within the explosion range of the Creeper, but he combat rolled out of the way, perfectly unharmed… only to get speared by the demon. The beast knocked him downward and caused him to bleed from the considerably sized stab wound.

Maya tried to fight with the Blaze, but the infernal creature flew out of they way from Maya’s Slash. Shooting three spheres of deadly flame at her, one missing, but the other two hitting her chest. Nethra’s durable, metal armor protected the Young, Female warrior from catching ablaze, she should could feel heat and pain on her chest.

Vulcan shot the blaze with a poisoned arrow from his crossbow. The wounded Blaze sank to the ground. Magnus Had an opening, and cut the blaze down with a horizontal slice, making it disappear in a puff of purple smoke.

The Spear-armed Demon tried to stab at Emerald, but she dodged in time. Cutting at it’s chest with a diamond sword and then kicking it to the ground, the beast was open. She leaped onto its chest and killed it, running a diamond blade into its rib cage and internal organs.

A large spine suddenly shot out at Emerald hitting her in the back, digging into her flesh, causing pain and bleeding.

Kate, seeing her wounded friend, rushed over and cut the spine in two with a vertical upward slice. The Wounded priest stumbled backwards, and Alexsi threw a poisoned potion onto it, hurting it even more.

Kate didn’t bother with trying to mess with her enemy in this setting, seeing as calling the mindless corrupt beasts fat wouldn’t do much.  

Gabriel, in spite of his injures, Finished off the Cultist Priest with a powerful stab to the chest, making it let out an evil-sounding groan before falling on it’s side and dying.

The Spider leaped on top of Keyen, and ended up wrestling with him. Keyen ended up rolling over so that he was on top of the spider. He held it down with one hand and punched it with the other as many times as he could. It soon died in a puff of purple smoke.

All that was left was a Skeleton holding a tower shield. Magnus and Gabriel were cutting away at pieces of the large wooden shield. The skeleton was distracted, Maya ran Nethra’s blade into its rib cage, making it collapse.

“They just keep coming…” Said Gabriel, worriedly, as he still held his hand over his wound.

“Guys? Can we take a break? My chest burns a little…” Maya said.

“Fine with me. That first wound I got still hurts like a bitch.” Kate reasoned.

“Emerald, you’re hurt…” Said Maya.

“Alright. Please heal my back, but don’t burn away all your power.” Emerald told Kate.

The Cultist Priest's spine attacks got her twice. Kate completely mended the wound on the back of Emerald’s torso. Her hands became pale, but the rest of her body looked normal.

“This is kind of a disturbing room…” muttered Vulcan.

“Just gonna patch everyone up for now.” Said Alexsi.

Alexsi gave Emerald a bandage for her wound from the Cultists priests, and Kate gave a healing potion to gabriel. After eating some food and drinking some water, they all felt a little better. Alexsi also had some antibiotic for Maya’s burns.

They rested for another 5 minutes. When they were all ready to enter the next hallway. Much to their dismay, there were dispensers built within the ceiling. They cautiously walked forward and got ready to dodge, as corrupt arrows shot down from random places.

Keyen stopped dead in his tracks as an arrow nearly hit him, hitting the floor in front of his face.

Maya held Nethra’s shield above her head. An arrow would’ve hit her, but the shield blocked it.

They all got through as fast as they could, and they all managed to avoid being hit with any Hellish Arrows.

“Phew…” Said Magnus.

The Next door was up ahead, but there was a Cultist Priest in their way. It’s long spiked tongue lashed out, inflicting minor lacerations onto Magnus and Gabriel. Kate slashed at it with Starlight, making it growl. Maya rammed it as hard as she could with Nethra’s shield, making it fall forwards. Gabriel finished the job.

“Those things are still grotesque…” Muttered Alexsi, still eyeing down the Cultist Priest, with its robe torn and tentacles exposed.

They entered the next room. It was a very large space, with a large brass Gong hung on the wall, with a skull design on it.

But an unsettling gong was the least of their worries. A Corrupt Wither hovered over them, with the backup of two skeleton archers.

Keyen threw his hook at the Wither and got a hold of its rib cage. Yanking it forward, the Wither was unable to dodge a magical lightning bolt shot by Kate.

A Corrupt Arrow hit Magnus in the left shoulder, making him fall on his front side. He picked himself up with a hand over the arrow, yanking it out and putting a bandage on.

Alexsi threw a Blinding Gas Grenade at the skeleton Archers, temporarily making them unable to fire.

Keyen still had a grip on the Wither, and he pumped to the left to avoid a wither skull. Vulcan landed a hit on the upper rib cage with his crossbow.

Magnus threw some TNT directly at the wither, the explosion knocking it too the ground. Gabriel stabbed the left head as hard as he could.

The Wither escaped the Warrior’s grasp, and hovered back in the air. The Left head was limp from gabriel’s attack, unable to fire.

Vulcan dodged a wither skull thrown his way by the right head as he reloaded the crossbow.

Magnus and Maya were both thrown downwards by a Corrupt wither skull blast. They were slightly poisoned as insult to injury, as they slowly picked themselves up they were feeling a very small amount of pain.

Kate threw some fire at the Wither, hoping to stop it from killing anyone. Sadly for her she took a direct hit from a wither skull, making her slam into the wall. She picked herself up, still gravely injured.

Vulcan Shot the Wither with another crossbow bolt and then helped Kate stand up.

The skeleton archers recovered from Alexsi’s grenade and started shooting again. An arrow nailed Keyen square in the chest, while another landed on Vulcan’s back. He fell forwards, but Kate caught him.

Emerald drew back her bow and landed a headshot on the first skeleton, killing it.

The second skeleton returned fire, putting an arrow in her knee. Emerald fell on her wounded leg.

Kate yanked the arrow out of Vulcan’s back and used her power to mend his wound. Her arms, up to her elbows were now pale.

Vulcan reloaded and dug a crossbow bolt into the second skeleton’s rib cage, making it stumble on it’s knees just like Emerald did.

Seeing an opportunity, Emerald used whatever strength she had left asn dashed forward, cutting the skeleton in two with her enchanted diamond blade. She fell flat on her face, however, with her badly wounded leg.

Kate still had a good amount of energy left. She ran forward, yanked the arrow out of her leg, and mended her wound completely with the elixir.

“Thanks Kate.” Emerald huffed, out of breath.

Kate’s arms were now pale, almost to her shoulders.

Keyen was still fighting in spite of his arrow wound. He threw a sharp hook at the Wither, making a large cut in it’s rib.

Kate pulled the Arrow out of Keyen’s chest and gave him a healing potion.

“Thanks, Kid.” Keyen thanked her. He chugged it down, handed her the bottle, and kept fighting.

The Wither couldn't take much more. While Kate was focused with her wounded friends, Vulcan had shot the Wither three more times. Alexsi managed to poison it with a blighted satchel.

Unfountranly, A skeleton with a small iron sword caught Vulcan off guard and slashed him in the back, making him fall over on his side, dropping his crossbow.

Magnus ran over to help him, managing to kill the Cultist with a single swing. He helped Vulcan stand up and tended to his wound.

With Keyen, Alexsi, Kate, Vulcan, Emerald and Maya focusing down the Wither, it eventually fell to the ground, where Maya stabbed the middle head, and Keyen stabbed the left head while Kate slashed at the ribs with Starlight. The Wither faded into purple smoke, leaving nothing behind but a Nether Star.

“I knew it was gonna be hard, but holy hell! I’m not sure how much more I can take…” said Maya.

“Same here…” Muttered Emerald.

The next door was in front of them, leading to another hallway.

“Alexsi, are we close? Do you know how these things work?” Asked Kate.

“Yeah, how far are we from the end?” Asked Gabriel.

“How should I know? I haven’t seen a place like this…” Alexsi said.

“Damn…” Muttered Keyen.

“Kate, you doing okay?” Asked Maya, looking at her Pale arms.

“I’m okay Maya. I think I’ve used about a third of my power.” Kate replied.

Magnus eyed the large Skull Gong.



“I think there’s something behind it.” Magnus said. He went over and checked the other side.

There was nothing behind the gong. However…

There was an unusually large amount of dust on the floor beneath the gong. Alexsi pulled out the order’s amulet. If he got traces of corruption, it would glow Purple.

He held it near the gong. It didn’t glow. He walked over to the next door, on the other end of the way they came in, and it let out a purple glow.

“I have reason to think there are more demons beyond this door.” Alexsi said.

“OOH! Who’s the man now?!?” Magnus said, laughing. He had unearthed a treasure chest from the dust, about half a human’s size.

Magnus creaked it open. Inside was 4 diamonds, 3 emeralds, 3 gold ingots, and a Red Pendant Necklace, that appeared to be some kind of amulet.

“Nice Find.” Said Emerald. Magnus seemed pretty proud of himself.

They entered the next hallway. Inside was a downward staircase. At the bottom was a small lake of corruption, and a series of islands in it, close enough to jump across. They could see the door to the next room, guarded by Three Cultist Priests

“Guys, I think we’ve had too much. We should turn back.” Maya said.

“You sure that’s a good idea? We shouldn’t give up so easily.” Said Keyen

“Maybe we should vote on it. All in favor of leaving and trying again another time, raise their hand.” Alexsi said.

He, Emerald, Maya, Vulcan, and Magnus raised their hands. Gabriel, Keyen and Kate were willing to keep fighting, but things were not going very well. Everyone had gotten injured at least once, and they may not have the strength as it is.

Keyen, Kate and Gabriel knew why they wanted to leave, and they decided the decision was for the best.

They headed backwards on their way home.

“Alright, Darkest Dungeon. You win, for now.” Emerald muttered.

Regroup, Reassemble. Evil is Timeless, After all.
War Games - Chapter 29
T.T. Belongs to :iconberry-o-pokemon: 

Kate and Emerald belong to :iconmariosonic16:

The Darkest dungeon itself, The Formless Flesh, and the concept of the Swine belong to red hook studios.

All MCSM characters belong to TellTale Games
No Attacks of any sort took place overnight. Dawn rose, and the citizens began to walk the streets and take care of daily work. They were cautious of any Unholy attackers, however.

The Order and their friends were waking up and eating breakfast. Some of them by themselves, others with their friends.

Everyone was getting dressed and doing their morning routines.

Isa went downstairs to see Gill and Maya eating some pieces of bread and a cookie, sitting on the stairs.

“Maya, Gill, Hello. Mind if I take a seat with you two?” Isa Asked

“Not a problem, Isa. Have a… stair.” Gill replied. He was going to say ‘seat’, but they were sitting on the stairs.

Maya rolled her eyes, but Isa chuckled. She sat next to Maya, leaving her in the middle.

“So, this ‘Darkest Dungeon’ place…” Isa began

“Hear it’s pretty rough. But I mean, seriously, half our friends are as tough as nails. We can figure something out.” Said Maya

They heard footsteps behind them.

Keyen and Gabriel were walking down the steps when they accidently stepped on to Isa, Maya, and Gill. Keyen tripped and fell all the way down the stairs, while Gabriel tumbled over Isa, but didn’t fall all the way down.

“Ah, Hell!” Shouted Keyen

“Mother of g- Sorry Guys!” Maya apologized.

“Ack… That was my fault. I didn’t see you there.” Said Keyen as he picked himself up.

“Guys, What happened?” Asked Jesse, as he walked in the room.

“Keyen Fell…” Said Gabriel, picking himself up.

“I’m fine.” Keyen insisted

“Let’s get to discussing what we need to do.” Said Gabriel

More people came in.

“How’s your shoulder, Kate?” Asked Jesse

“Stings on occasion… and it’s kind of a daunting thought about the wound but… I think I’m okay for now.” She replied.

“So… some of us should attempt a raid on that Darkest Dungeon place? Do you think we’re capable at this point?” Asked Olivia

“I should think so. You have the proper supplies and experience, do you not?” Asked Alexsi

“We have done a lot with you guys, I mean, all those adventures in the past, right?” Axel pointed out

“I know we’re strong enough, but I’m not sure if we have the proper equipment. Does Corruption have some kind of weakness that we don’t know about?” Asked Petra

“I Think We would’ve found it by now. We were out there in several places, looking for clues, back when Nethra was alive. We did find a bunch of journal entries, treasures, and trinkets.” Said Vulcan

“Vulcan and Petra have a point. Given the past, we have a good standard of fighting skill, but… I recall in the ruins by the Darkest Dungeon that there was some kind of Item called the ‘Hand of Light’ that I believe could be helpful.” Ivor mentioned

“That does sound like the kind of Item that a demon would detest.” Added Nicolai

“But maybe they already know about it, and hid it away somewhere. Like the Darkest Dungeon.” Jess pointed out

“My sister has a point…” said Jesse

“So if we find what’s spreading this ‘Corruption, it’ll kill off all those monsters, like the ones we fought the other day, and the ones attacking my kingdom?” Asked Isa

“That would make sense, like with PAMA’s core.” Harper said.

Jess nodded in agreement, with her being the one to shut it down.

Harper suddenly gasped.

“Guys! If that corruption got into Isa’s world… Are those things in crown mesa?!?”

Everyone looked at her and knew she had a point.

“We need to get over there. Now.” Said Aiden.

“Harper knows where it is, even without the portal atlas, so… She’ll need to lead the way.” Said Ivor

“One of the Eldritch guys should tag along, so that they might have some knowledge about any corrupt monster or item there.” Said Kate

“I can go with, but we’ll need to be snappy.” Said Stark.

“Let’s go, guys.” Said Aiden

“Be careful out there, Man.” Said Gill

Aiden, Harper, Ivor and Stark got what they needed and made it to the portal network as fast as they could.

“Hope those guys will be alright, but… what should we do…?” Asked Lukas

“I guess we should get a party together to try and explore the Darkest Dungeon… who do you suggest?” Asked Ellegaard

“We’ll need a healer, to begin with. ‘M not happy about going to such a scary place, but, it’s what I have to do.” Said Alexsi.

“How many people would work for a suitable team?” Asked Soren

“I’d say Eight.” Emerald said

“I should go too. I‘m not really scared of that much, and I’m pretty damn strong.” Said Keyen.

“He Is.” Added Magnus.

“I’ll go with you, so I can use my Elixir on someone who gets wounded.” Said Kate.

“That would be a decent Idea… Who else would you suggest?” Asked Gabriel

“You would make a good candidate, being the warrior you are.” Said Magnus.

“So Keyen, Magnus, Alexsi, Kate, Gabriel, Who else?” Asked Nicolai

“Well, we still shouldn’t ignore the formless flesh monster either.” T.T. pointed out.

“We should assemble a team to take care of that, too.” Said Sanya

“I can go to the Darkest Dungeon. Why don't you guys use my blueprints and  weapons to think of something?” Asked Vulcan

“I guess I could go to the Darkest dungeon too.” Said

“Alright. Keyen, Alexsi, Maya, Gabriel, Magnus, Kate, Vulcan, And I can go there.” Said Emerald

“I know where to go. But first, we’re going to need some good supplies.” Said Alexsi, as he led the group to another room.

“Oh, Kate, Wait!” Said Soren

“Vulcan and I made you something. Hold on.”

Soren left the room, and came back in with a set of red and blue armor for her.

“Wow… that looks really cool, thanks guys!” Said Kate, in awe.

“Well, go ahead and put it on. We fashioned it from your sword.” Said Vulcan.

It took her minute, but Kate put on her armor, and was all geared up.

“... Much Better.” Said Nicolai, now that Kate had some protection.

“That looks really cool on you, Kate.” Said T.T.

“Thanks… this’ll be a big help.” Kate added

“Oh, Kate, would you mind if wore Nethra’s armor and helmet to the dungeon?” Asked Maya

“No, that’s fine. It’s what she wanted.” Kate said.

“I’ll go get it.” Said Maya

Vulcan, Emerald, Magnus, Gabriel, Alexsi, Keyen, Kate and Maya left the room to prepare.

“So who should go and fight the formless flesh, then?” Asked Kye

“We’ll need at least one healer, So  I need to come along. I’m the only devoted healer we have left available.” Said Rou

“In the end, Every plan relies on a strong arm, and tempered steel. We should have some warriors go along to, like me.” Said Nicolai.

“I’d best come along too, I’ve learned my way around the swine’s maze.” Said Sanya

“I know where the monster is, so I can guide you there.” Said T.T.

“So the five of you can handle it?” Asked Ellegaard

“We think so.” Said Petra

“Why don’t I go with?” Asked Jess

“Six would be a better team, I suppose.” Said Sanya

“Careful out there, Sis.” Said Jesse

“We’ll take it down, so no one needs to worry. Just keep the townspeople safe.” Said Petra

“Got it.” Said Ellegaard.

Sanya, Rou, Nicolai, Jess, Petra and T.T. left to fight the formless flesh once more.

Soren, Ellegaard, Kye, Jesse, Lukas, Gill, Isa, and Axel were the only ones left.

“Is there anything else we can do?” Asked Isa

“I had the blueprints for several ideas, such as the formida-bomb.” Said Soren

“Wouldn’t you need another Super TNT?” Asked Lukas

“True, We could head down there and try to search the place for something we could use to defend against corruption.” Said Jesse

“May the rest of us can head there?” Asked Isa

“At least one of us should defend the town.” Said Ellegaard

“I’ve got it covered. You guys handle it.” Said Kye.

“You sure?” Asked Gill

“I’ve got my wolves and the Iron golems. Plus, the citizens aren’t entirely defenseless.” Kye pointed out.

“Right. We’ll just head to the fortress and get what we need as fast as we can. Be careful, Dude.” Said Axel

“Well, It wouldn’t be safe to try to defend against a horde of things alone. I can stay here and help defend, plus,  I’m not exactly in an exploring mood right now.” Olivia said

“Alright, Be careful, you guys.” Said Lukas

“Got it.” Said Kye, walking out of the room, towards the front door.

“We best get moving.” Said Isa

“There are some horses we can use for faster travel.” Said Lukas

The walked to a stable towards the edge of town. There were some horses still available, so the six of them asked to borrow three horses.

Lukas mounted his horse with sa on the back. Ellegaard rode with Jesse, and Axel rode with Soren.

They rode out across the woodlands and plains, not running into any danger. It was still early in the morning, much to their favor.

“Can Corrupted Mobs survive in daylight?” Asked Ellegaard.

“Of course they can. I just wonder if they can spawn in daylight.” Added Jesse

“You don’t see any around here, do you?” Asked Gill nervously.

“Not yet, anyway.” Said Lukas.

“How far is your fortress now, Soren?” Asked Isa

“Shouldn’t be long now. Once we’re there, we’ll need to gather blueprints and look for something we can use.” Said Soren.

They approached a mountain with a large gate on the front. Most of them, however, had not seen this place before.

Soren opened the doors and rested the horses within a stable. He left them some food and built and Iron Golem fro protection.

Soren led them down a quartz hallway, deeper into the mountain.

“Wasn’t this place torn to bits by the witherstorm?” Jesse asked, gazing around the room

“I Helped soren with the repairs before we ran into Isa or Kate.” Said Lukas

“Yes, and thank you for that, Lukas.” Soren mentioned.

“Never seen a building quite like this.” Said Isa

“Me either. And Soren has invited me here in the past, before we knew about Kate, Oxidai, or you.” Said Ellegaard.

Axel noticed something on the ceiling

“Speak of the devil…” He said, looking up

Everyone else looked upward to see a Corrupt Spider crawling on the roof. It looked bigger than the ones normally seen in this world.

Lukas drew a Bow and arrow back. He had a power enchantment on his bow, making his arrow very powerful.

The spider let out a very unsettling screech as it was struck in the bad and fell right in front of Axel.

The Champion Griefer had an Axe ready with him. Given the power of his Iron Axe, and Axel’s large amount of raw strength, he smashed the spider with a single strike.

Jesse scanned the ceiling while Ellegaard scanned the floor and ground beneath them. Nothing else in sight.

“Let’s get to my lab. Fast.” Said Soren, as he led the way deeper into the mountain.

They rushed down the stairs. Jesse ended up tripping and falling on top of Lukas. They both got up and kept moving.

When they all ran into the chamber where Soren had his grinder deposit the items from harvested mobs. Isa and Ellegaard were the last ones in, so they quickly slammed the doors behind them.

“Ah, I remember this place. Brings me way back.” Said Axel

“Nostalgia, I agree.  But I’m afraid things may have become more serious.” Said Lukas

“The Witherstorm was pretty serious. It did… kinda… kill me, in case you forgot.” Said Ellegaard

“Well, the Witherstorm didn't have any wit, like Oxidai does. Plus, the Corruption has sent these monsters all across the world by now.” Said Gill

“True.” Ellegaard reasoned

“Guys, there was that spider on the ceiling on the way in here. I’m willing to be there’s more.” Jesse advised them

“Alright, can you handle it? I was going to dig around for the Super TNT blueprints.” Said Soren

He walked towards his bookshelves on the edge of the room

“What is this thing?” Asked Isa in the other room.

Lukas walked up to her side and looked at the portal frame laid on the end of the staircase, horizontally.

“An End portal. We went in there looking for Soren when the world was endangered by the Witherstorm.” Said Axel

“Wow… Never seen anything quite like it.” Said Isa

“Guys… we got company…” Soren said nervously backing away from something.

Everyone saw that a Cultist Brawler was approaching him. Jesse took a slice at it’s chest, making it stumble backwards. It took a swing at him, but Jesse dodged in time. Another slash was enough to bring it down.

“Damn…” Jesse muttered

“Is there a place in our world Corruption HASN’T spread to?” Soren asked with an annoyed look.

Isa ducked beneath an arrow fired at her head. She looked over to notice a skeleton with purple eyes, holding a crossbow.

Lukas shot an arrow, hitting it right in the knee, making it stumble to the ground. Isa was able to slice it in half with one swing after that.

Ellegaard drew her bow when she saw some kind of Black-skinned, Demonic Humanoid creature with a meat clever in each hand march towards her. Jesse tried to slash at it, but the abomination actually dodged. It took a swing back at Jesse, but he got out of the way in time.  

“Soren, Where are your blueprints?” Asked Axel

“Just down the hallway on the same side as the End Portal, but I had the door closed off. There could be monsters in there…” Said Soren, nervously

Ellegaard cautiously flipped the lever to open the stone door. Surely enough, A Skeleton holding a crossbow, A Swine with a sharp hook on on if it’s hands, a corrupted creeper, and a Large Spider slowly marching towards them.

Ellegaard and Soren drew back some arrows and shot at the Swine. It let out a pained squeal as it was struck. It was crippled but not quite dead.

Jesse focused down the spider, slashing it to the ground as it leapt at him. Axel jumped on top of it and crushed it before it could rise to it’s feat.

The Creeper never stood a chance against Isa, as she charged forward, slicing it horizontally
in two different places. It crumbled to the ground and faded, leaving nothing behind but a small pile of gunpowder.

The Crossbow-armed Skeleton took a shot at Gill, hitting him in the shoulder. He stumbled backward, but then pulled out his diamond sword and rushed for him. He got stabbed in the chest by the skeleton’s bayonet, but he used two vertical swings to dispose of the undead marksmen.

Isa took a great leap forward and plunged her Iron blade into the Swine’s back, making it squeal in pain before falling dead on the ground.

“That’s all of them in here…” Said Gill.

“There are probably more. Let’s search the place and clean the corruption out.” Said Lukas

Soren built an Iron Golem in front of the door to the hallway. He then began digging around for blueprints

“Say, Lukas?” Asked Jesse as they walked along the path. Lukas didn’t say anything, but turned to look at him.

“Well, Back When I was in that Eldritch world with all the Unholy monsters and what not, I didn’t meet any of those Eldritch guys, like Vulcan and his friends… I wonder if there’s some kind of base or something we’re not aware of.” Said Jesse

“You mean, maybe the people Nicolai works for?” Asked Lukas

“Yeah, Exactly! Are they good? Can we trust them? Maybe we could cooperate. The Townspeople don’t seem to mind the fact that they’re Eldritch. They’re not entirely human, but still people.” Jesse explained

“Nicolai said something about a King who had trained him before he began to fight Corruption. I think his name was ‘Solran’ If I recall correctly.” Said Lukas


“Based on what Nicolai told us, Solran doesn’t sound like a bad person. Maybe he’d be willing to help.” Said Lukas

“You got a point. Maybe we should look for him? You guys found Keyen and Rou, after all.” Said Jesse

“I’m guessing those two are beyond Solran’s kingdom, but if we can get a hold of Alexsi or Nicolai, it couldn’t hurt to ask.” Said Lukas

“True. Look, given our current situation, I think Oxidai himself is just too powerful. Maybe someone like Solran could help us directly take him on, But for now, we need to find whatever is generating this corruption and stop it.” Jesse told him.

Lukas nodded and said “Right.” The two of them kept walking down the hall

While Soren got what he needed from his library, everyone else fanned out in groups of two or three to kill off any unholy monsters. Their friends were all seperated doing various tasks.

“Is there even a way to stop it? Or did I just see what Corruption had done, and instantly assumed something was capable of defeating it?” Lukas muttered to himself.

Only Time Could Tell.
War Games - Chapter 28
T.T. Belongs to :iconberry-o-pokemon: 

Kate and Emerald Belong to :iconmariosonicfan16:

All Minecraft Story Mode Characters belong to TellTale Games

Darkest Dungeon monsters, concepts, and the dungeon itself belongs to Red Hook Studios. 
I claim no rights to the armor he's wearing, the concept belongs to :iconcribs:, the design artist for Darkest dungeon. 

Keyen himself belongs to me

Bounty Hunter Design belongs to Red Hook Studios. 


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