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Iron blades clashed and swiped at each other as one deadly blow after the other traded position. The group of three merciless brigands, seeking to rob any who would wander around town at night.
Beacontown often had robbers, criminals and sadists roam the streets under the cover of darkness as the sun set each evening. Havoc would ensue at first, buildings and homes being plundered and destroyed, but thankfully, the Order of the Stone and the Iron Golems they constructed, as well as volunteers willing to fight the wicked men off from their homes.
Lukas buried a spectral arrow into the stomach of the crimson-clothed outlaw archer, combined with his bow that was given an enchantment of power. The shot sent the outlaw reeling backwards from the shot, landing on his backside roughly six feet away.
Another man with an eyepatch, a red hood and three golden teeth took a fearsome swing at Jesse with a stone sword in one hand, a torch in the other. The malicious man was too fast for her, ripping
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Last Soul Standing - Chapter 7
The small brigade of six found themselves back at the gates of Dunmoor, rushing in at full speed, despite their profuse injury.
Stark was among to the first to spot them, as festering fear grew in his mind, seeing all fix of them moderately wounded, panicked, and out of breath from running.
“What the hell happened? What’s wrong?” Stark asked.
More of the Eldritch populace had concern for whatever was happening.
“By the stars, what happened?” Alastor asked worriedly.
“They…” Lyra shuddered, trying to muster the words of what happened
“What? What?!? What is it?!?” Lloyd exclaimed.  A crowd began to gather.
“They took Benji…”  Alexsi wheezed.
“What? They? Who?!?” Questioned Vulcan, in a state of panic.
“... Damn it. Darius got him....” Keyen groaned.
“Cedric! We need to get Randall and the council on standby!” Solran ordered, running off with him.
“Someone get
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Last Soul Standing - Chapter 6
Nicolai was on his way back from his mission, accompanied by Lloyd, another young eldritch man, A denizen of Stashan.
They both walked back towards the gate, slightly caked in blood from encounters with Corrupted, Overgrown spiders.
“You alright there, Nick?” Lloyd asked.
“Just got me on the side, i’m holding up. And you?” Nicolai retorted.
“Just a scratch. Pretty big, but not bleeding.” Lloyd advised, now entering the exterior walls of the fortifications surrounding the city.
“Ugh… I mean, hearing about the whole deal with that Darius creep, just ticks me off, y’know what I mean?” Lloyd said, bringing up the terrible implication of the Evil Human Baron.
“The ambition is more terrible than I can describe. Just like all the other overlords, kings and barons our ancestors once fought. Looks like now we have little choice but to follow their footsteps.” Nicolai added
“You know what we should do about it?
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Last Soul Standing - Chapter 5
The next morning came. Benji peered out the window of his ship, His emerald eyes scanning for movement.
From what he saw, there were scores of eldritch denizens already out and about.
“Are all these alien dudes early birds?” Benji asked himself in an unamused tone
Lyra was still asleep, so Benji thought it would be best to not disturb the young elf.
Benji opened the hatch. He wanted to talk to Lyra, but he didn’t want to disturb her just yet.
Unveiling a toolbox from beneath his bed, he held a firm grip on the handle as he opened the hatch and descended the ladder perched on the back of his ship.
He toiled for about an hour under his ship, checking the oil, gas, tightening the bolts, whatever he felt like doing, simply to occupy himself. The had a lot on his mind, and ship maintenance was his go-to for stress relief.
A lot had happened, In such haste. These aliens had showed him off to their own world and allowed him to stay here. It turns out Darius had lied to him a
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Last Soul Standing - Chapter 4
They woke up back at the fields within the large Dunmoor courtyard.
“What happened over there?” Asked Rou, curiosity and worry controlling her thoughts at the time.
“Darius is the man running the human army. They want to rule the world…” Said Nicolai
“Damn it all to Hell… another war…” Solran muttered
“Sanya, are you okay?” Asked Lyra worryingly.
“It’s nothing.” Sanya insisted.
Lyra stepped forward and saw the bandage, still with an azure bloodstain on it. She held her hand on it, and the spot on Sanya’s arm let out a strange white glow.
The pain in her arm ebbed.
“Good as new.” Lyra said with a smile
Sanya removed the bandage, and saw there was no wound, no blood. Not even a scar.
“How did you do that…?” Asked Sanya, with a slight tone of surprise.
“I’m an elf, and ever since I was a kid, I learned about Light Magic. Healing and Support spells. Small woun
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Last Soul Standing - Chapter 3
About an hour later, Benji landed back on earth.
“You’re Back. Where’s the corruption?” The Boss Snapped at him.
“I couldn’t get it on my own, sir. The Eldritch men have it well defended, and they attacked me as  tried to take some of it.” Benji explained dishonestly, pointing to where the Corrupt Skeleton Warrior wounded him.
“Whatever.” The Boss sneered at him. “We’ll need to destroy some of their defenses then. Take your ship and get onto the attack. I’ll send my spies.”
“But Sir-” Benji tired to protest.
“Did I stutter?!?”
“R-Right.” Benji said, as he got in his ship and took off.
Back in Stashan, The Sun was starting to set. Benji hovered his ship in the air over the land of the Knights were he had left previously.
He parked down by what seemed to be some kind of cannon, being wheeled along with 2 Eldritch soldiers. One male, One Female.
“Lyra’s not go
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Last Soul Standing - Chapter 2
The Next morning came, awaking Nicolai at the crack of dawn.
He stepped off the bed and put his armor back on, grabbed his sword, and put it away.
After eating a piece of bread for breakfast, washing his hair and brushing his teeth Stepping outside to the balcony of his apartment, he overlooked the city again. It’s become a habit of his the survey his surroundings from a high altitude.
He noticed the wall near the gate was slightly damaged for some reason. A small Demon army must’ve attacked overnight.
He decided to head down there after seeing what happened.
Sure enough, it turns out a small demon horde was equipped with some war machines. They did some damage to the left side of the gate. The repairs were underway, and as long as he was still waiting for his friends, he was willing to volunteer in the reconstruction efforts.
An hour of work passed when Nicolai spotted Stark and the others walking back towards the castle gates. They were back, much to his relief. All of th
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Last Soul Standing - Chapter 1
Eight days had passed since Rou, Stark, Nicolai,  Keyen, Vulcan, Kye, Sanya, and Alexsi left the order’s world in search of Eldritch Civilization. They found themselves in an underground system of caverns, but later found the surface. They’re making their way south, hoping to run into The Haven Knights, so they can regroup with the Eldritch Council of Warlords.
The Order and their friends let them pack a large manner of items, along with a large food supply. But, with their eldritch heritage to thank, they had enough food to survive in the caves, as Eldritch men do not grow hungry as fast as humans would.
The Eight of them were walking all day, taking a 3 minute break every hour or so. They ran into several corrupt monsters attempting to pick a fight with them, but the Eight of them working as a team were able to crush any demon in their path.
Keyen and Nicolai were the ones doing most of the direct fighting, and both of them received slight injuries. They were not in
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War Games - Chapter 33
Gabriel, Rou, Gill, and Kate, who held knowledge pertaining to cooking, got to work on preparing a meal for everyone after the Corruption within the Order’s world was now destroyed.
Grateful for their Efforts, The Order wanted the Eldritch Warriors to stay before they head off to their World again to head back to the fighting.
“You want us to stay with you?” Stark asked.
“Yeah, I mean, I know you have places to go, but… want to stay and have dinner with us?” Jess asked.
“I could go for that. Afterwards, you mind if we pack some things we may need? Like, Potions, maybe?” Sanya asked.
“Of course.” Said Gabriel.
People were willing to help the four of them prepare a meal, and things got done quicker. With their cooking knowledge, Kate, Gill, Rou and Gabriel did a majority of the work.
Eating dinner and talking took up most of the evening, where they had shared personal stories, and mockery of shipping continued.
The townspeople a
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War Games - Chapter 32
The Sun finally rose.
Everyone was waking up and getting ready for a massive battle. They have no idea who or what lies within that Infernal Dome.
Gill prepared a breakfast meal for everyone, much to their delight.
“Well… I guess there’s nothing left to do but to go for it.” Magnus said.
Everyone got in a position to see the Dome.
“What’s the plan?” Aiden asked.
“I suggest we use stealth methods to thin out the Corrupt Forces, and gain access to the dome itself. After that, We can bombard the place with cannons.” Nicolai suggested.
Everyone liked that idea in one form or another.
“I’ll go do that. I can use my power to cloak myself, and kill off a bunch of the Corrupt Minions.” Kate said.
“I’m a trained Assassin, If anyone can get in there, it’s me.” Stark said.
Ivor handed  Stark an invisibility potion. Stark walked over to the chest were everyone had put their items, and he pulled out
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War Games - Chapter 31
By the Time Alexsi and Isa managed to return back to the Order’s town, The sun was beginning to set, While the townsfolk returned to their houses and took shelter for the night.
“Hey guys. How’d it go?” Olivia asked, looking at Alexsi and Isa.
“A Mechanical Spawner was placed there, but we smashed it to bits.” Isa replied.  
“Okay, So, The Formless Flesh was destroyed, As well as the spawners in Isa and Harper’s world's.” Jess said.
“Well, What about that Corrupted Tree? And, Petra and Axel?” Alexsi asked.
“They took Sanya, Gill and Magnus with them to destroy it.” T.T. told him.
“How’s Kate doing?” I’m surprised she took Nethra’s Death harder than we did, really…” Alexsi added
“I can go check on her, perhaps.” Aiden said.
“Alright,  just hope she isn’t beating herself up.” Maya said as Aiden walked into the temple.
Aiden left t
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War Games - Chapter 30
Kye and Olivia, being the only two who hadn’t gone on some kind of journey, were each looking up and down the streets for any sign of danger. With all of their friends on some kind of mission, they needed to kept a watchful eye for a corrupt presence.
Olivia was checking on the main street leading to the fortress when she heard a familiar voice call to her.
“Olivia! We’re back!” Said Jesse. She, along with Sanya, Rou, T.T., Petra, and Nicolai walked up, back from the surface.
“Jesse…?” Asked Olivia worriedly.
She looked down and saw the blood all over her amor. “Oh, don’t worry, Olivia. It’s not mine, but it’s still gross…”
“How’s the town holdin’ up?” Petra asked.
“Haven’t seen any corrupt monsters within the city. No sign of Oxidai either.” Olivia informed them.
“Maybe your friends found something in the Darkest Dungeon…?” Nicolai wondered.
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War Games - Chapter 29
Back in the warrens beneath the town for the third time, Jess, Rou, T.T., Sanya, Petra and Nicolai descended the labyrinth of the Swine to destroy the festering abomination.
“This place gives me the creeps…” Muttered Jess.
“That’s natural. It still disturbs me, even after being at that hamlet for two years.” Sanya replied.
“What about you Rou, you ever seen anything like it?” Petra asked
“No. I have heard stories from the Elders before. Some good, some… not so good.” Rou told them
“This place DOES kind of scare me.” T.T. told them.
“Verrall was killed a place like this back home.” Sanya said.
“Who’s ‘Verrall’? A Friend of yours?” Asked Petra
“Yeah. She died trying to fight the swine, and… she reminds me a lot of T.T. A crafty thief, and very good with throwing knifes.” Nicolai explained.
“That does kind of suck… can’t imagine how
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War Games - Chapter 28
No Attacks of any sort took place overnight. Dawn rose, and the citizens began to walk the streets and take care of daily work. They were cautious of any Unholy attackers, however.
The Order and their friends were waking up and eating breakfast. Some of them by themselves, others with their friends.
Everyone was getting dressed and doing their morning routines.
Isa went downstairs to see Gill and Maya eating some pieces of bread and a cookie, sitting on the stairs.
“Maya, Gill, Hello. Mind if I take a seat with you two?” Isa Asked
“Not a problem, Isa. Have a… stair.” Gill replied. He was going to say ‘seat’, but they were sitting on the stairs.
Maya rolled her eyes, but Isa chuckled. She sat next to Maya, leaving her in the middle.
“So, this ‘Darkest Dungeon’ place…” Isa began
“Hear it’s pretty rough. But I mean, seriously, half our friends are as tough as nails. We can figure something out.” Said
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War Games - Chapter 27
Dawn rose an hour and half later. Nothing had happened before dawn, so they had no worries of fending off an ambush.
Some of the group were waking up while others were still asleep. It had been a long night.
Ellegaard, Jesse, Lukas, Nicolai, Alexsi, Gabriel, Harper, Soren and Emerald were awake at the crack of dawn while everyone else was still asleep. The nine of them were gathered around a table at one of the corners of the large room, discussing a plan to take back the order’s fortress.
Kate and Axel slowly opened their eyes. After checking their surroundings, they saw their friends gathered at the table.
“Huh? Kate?” Asked Axel, looking around more.
Kate sat up and put on her glasses, looking over to where everyone was gathered, she rose to her feet.
“I guess they’re thinking about a way to get the fortress back without getting slaughtered by Ghouls.” She said
Some more people began to stir.
Axel got up and walked over to the table where the disc
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